Pass The Dental Boards has helped equipped me with the tools to not just pass, but to crush the board exam. His explanations and mnemonics are presented in a way that made certain terminologies and concepts a lot more relevant and accessible. The picket fence occlusion video was critical to my test taking experience as well, having frequently revisited that technique during my exam. Thanks to PTDB I passed my boards and have now begun exploring potential residency programs (I was a foreign trained dentist). This is obviously a huge step on my journey to dentistry and I honestly owe that first step to PTDB efforts in enabling me to confidently take that exam.

-John S. 2nd Year Dental Student

PTDB was awesome to use while studying for my boards. I didn’t use dental decks and just studied solely from PTDB videos. I believe what makes these videos a success and used by many students is that it’s not complicated and focuses on high yield information. The videos are explained well and in detail. I didn’t feel overwhelmed by all the information. Key points and important facts were addressed during the videos and actually were repeated when I took my exam. There were plenty of mnemonics that were extremely helpful especially in the microbiology videos. They were easy to remember during my test. These videos made it easier for me to study by simplifying the information. I highly recommend these videos, I’ve recommend them to all my friends who have studied for the boards and everyone simply loved them.

-Nadir K.

Hi, I’m Dr. Aaron

Hi, my name is Aaron. I’m a dentist and I want to help you PASS the boards! I created these videos to fill a void I felt was missing when I was preparing. I was tired of being overwhelmed, disorganized, and unclear in how to form a game plan.  My goal was to streamline and simplify the whole board study process. My videos solve all those problems!